Genetic Testing

One man’s healthy food is another man’s poison.

At Dietwise we have tied up with a internationally aclaimed laboratory to get your tests done for most accurate results.

Nutrigenomics is a new scientific discipline that uses modern genomics technology to study the relationship between genes, nutrition & health. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from others to certain foods. For example, individuals with lactose intolerance experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming certain dairy products, while other individuals can consume dairy with no problems. Nutrigenomics allows us to understand how our genes affect the way we respond to the foods, beverages & supplements we consume.

Genetic Screening can help you identify a diesease, also show risk of contracting dieseases like Type 2 diabetes, Cardio vascular, Alzheimer’s etc

Specific genes have been identified with athletic performance & muscle size which can aid in your goal of sporting excellence.

Armed with information that is specific to your genetic profile, team at Dietwise will be able to develop the best dietary plan to help you meet your nutrition & fitness goals. Adhering to those recommendations will enable you to optimize your nutritional status & prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.


Dietwise is one of the few nutrition clinics in our country that have qualified counsellors in this field who can interpret your genetic reports & advise you most personalised nutrition plan based on its results. Combine it with any specific Nutrition Plan to add bite to the already high level of customisation.

To find out if health coaching is right for you, come on and schedule a free initial consultation with me. During this, we will talk about you and determine how we can support you in achieving your life goals.

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