Cancer Care and Post Recovery Nutrition

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At Dietwise we understand that this dreaded diesase which is increasing year on year worldwide needs a very indepth & pinpointed programme to achieve results. Medical treatments for cancer can cause general weakness, hair loss & loss of appetite amongst other things.

WHO states that around one third of cancer deaths are due to nutrition deficiency & poor lifestyle habits such as high BMI, low fruit & vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use & alcohol consumption. The nutrition recommendation for cancer is quite tricky as diets act as both inhibitors & enhancers of carcinogenesis. Vitamin C, E and carotenoids are few inhibitors & red meat is said to be an enhancer for cancer.

Loss of appetite & change in taste buds are a common complaint during or after treatment. Sensory changes as in high sensitivity to smells can result in aversions to certain foods & other items such as soaps & perfumes.All stages of cancer-diagnosis, therapy, recovery and recurrence prevention give importance to nutrition to prevent deficiencies & improve well being. Nutrition assessment & screening is necessary right from start through all the stages of cancer treatment.

Adequate fluids & micronutrients like mineral & vitamin supplements are needed when individuals are unable to achieve the required levels through intake of food.

Cancer affects the person not only physically but mentally too. Its treatment affects digestion, absorption & metabolism. Minimizing nutritional impact symptoms & maximize individual’s nutritional parameters. Appetite decreases as the day progresses which emphasize the fact that morning should be utilized for a king-sized breakfast

Nutritional rehabilitation & support are integral parts of the treatment regimen for cancer patients.It is important to give your body a constant supply of nutrients to use as fuel during the healing process


Our post-cancer diet is devised keeping in mind the right balance of carbohydrate, protein & fat elimination of certain foods to prevent cancer recurrence. We also believe that right support of vitamins & minerals can play an important role in improving one’s immunity post cancer.

It is always healthy and safe to choose a plant-based diet (fruits, veggies, nuts and grains) instead of an animal-based diet to reduce the risk of cancer.

Foods rich in fiber have great benefits on health & nutrition.

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