Antenatal & Post Natal

Organic doesn’t necessarily imply that a food is nutritious or that it's healthy

The nine months ( Three trimesters ) of pregnancy are the most challenging months of a woman’s lifetime.The way you nourish your body during this time will affect the health of you & the child in both short & long term basis. With your body undergoing a number of hormonal & other changes, draining of nutritients etc you need to be extra careful about yourself as well as your surroundings & keep a hawks eye on your diet which should be on the top of your list. Starting with the basics of to avoid during pregnancy, we help you make the healthiest choices for you & your baby.  At Dietwise we help you maintain your vitamin & mineral profile along with many other parameters which depletes at fast pace as child in your tummy draws it for its development. Also post delivery there are diverse needs for the mother as she is nursing the child & lactation needs. We guide you in this journey so that your child & mother gets the very best for healthy development. Milk the best that nutrition has to offer with a variety of nutritional options, tailor made to your new life. Also first 12 months of your child life cycle is the most explosive growth period of its life as baby`s weight can almost triple in 12 months span. Nutrition & child`s overall development go hand in hand as this phase involves building blocks to long healthy immunity built up & brain development which can happen with right guidance from a professional .

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